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Research Strand II

This course is the second of a series of three courses involving in-depth guided research in a leadership/education area of the student’s choosing. In this course, students will engage in research and application of research...

$ 583

per credit hr


This course provides the student with an overview of the role of marketing within the organizational environment. It examines the factors affecting consumer behavior and focuses on the development of marketing strategies and...

$ 495

per credit hr

Management and Supervision/Human Service Profession

In this course, students are introduced to basic management theory and functions that supervisors and managers need to succeed. Students examine management functions, the effects of organizational culture, ways to improve...

$ 495

per credit hr

Introduction to Leadership

This course analyzes how leaders operate within the needs of organizations in the 21st century. The goal is for students to examine themselves to understand core values and align these values with leadership of the...

$ 583

per credit hr

Multicultural Competencies and Social Justice in Student Affairs

This course is designed to acquaint future student affairs professionals with competency skills deemed necessary for the successful practice of student affairs administration in multicultural and diverse higher education...

Collaborating with Families and Communities

This course will focus on collaboration and communication skills necessary for special educators to work in partnership with parents, paraprofessionals, other school team members, and community agencies to plan, implement...

Employee and Labor Relations

This course provides human resources professionals with information on the laws and regulations that affect labor and employee relations, discipline, discharge and grievance/dispute resolution. Students will learn the...

$ 532

per credit hr

Capstone: Strategic Organizational Leadership

In this culminating course, students will have an opportunity to incorporate concepts from the previous Bachelor of Science in Management curriculum into an overall strategy for managing an organization. The course requires...

$ 495

per credit hr

Individual Education Plans

This course provides an understanding of the current Individualized Education Plan legislation and processes. The course focuses on: developing legal and useful Individualized Education Plans (IEP) using the current state...

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