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Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues for Healthcare Administrators

This course provides an overview of the U.S.A. legal system with a focus on healthcare providers as legal entities. It includes government regulations as they apply to healthcare services. Contemporary topics discussed are...

$ 665

per credit hr

Evidenced Based Nursing Practice

This course introduces the research process and evidence-based practice in nursing. Interrelationships between theory, practice and research are discussed. Research is applied to clinical practice to improve quality, safety...

$ 562

per credit hr

Public Relations in a Digital World

This course examines the role of digital media in public relations: is digital media based upon traditional forms of public relations, or are there new rules for public relations in the digital world? Types of digital content...

Supporting Students in the School Environment

This course will focus on knowledge of school-wide structures and school-wide support for special educators in order to navigate academic and behavioral support systems in schools. Individual support/interventions also will...

Leadership for Change

This course examines leadership theories, trends, and issues in health care. The role of the professional nurse as a member of inter-professional teams in health care delivery systems is emphasized. Analysis of individual...

$ 562

per credit hr

Legal and Financial Leadership in Adaptive Change

This course will include a survey of: the legal areas impacting leaders or organizations; the relationships between leadership and the law in the rapidly-changing 21st century; fiscal management strategies in an environment...

$ 583

per credit hr

American Popular Music

This is a cultural study of the life, times and music of the American people, including indigenous music, folk styles, jazz, blues, and popular styles. Emphasis is on listening skills and elements of musical organization, and...

$ 532

per credit hr

Supporting Individual Student Needs

Teacher candidates will learn about classroom level strategies to support and enhance the learning and behavior of students with disabilities and other learning differences. This will include examination of the current...

Capstone I - Creating Strategic Response to Business Challenges and Opportunities I

Students will select an organization (privately held or publicly traded, for-profit or not-for-profit) in which they have a special interest. The organization will be the basis of the Capstone Research Product, a paper...

$ 665

per credit hr

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