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Introduction to Bioethics

This course invites students to inquire into the nature of body and spirit, health and sickness, and life and death, and to consider carefully the proper moral response to these human realities. Questions entertained in the...

$ 495

per credit hr

Case Study Research

Action Research is an opportunity to engage in classroom action research. Action research is defined as working in an authentic educational context with an authentic task that is both implemented and evaluated. The purpose of...


This course provides a basic foundation in the principles of macroeconomics as applied to the overall economy and its behavior. It leads students to consider how and why the economy is affected by periods of expansion and...

$ 532

per credit hr

Leading Complex Systems

This course prepares students to analyze an organization’s effectiveness related to its ability to achieve its mission, as well as its readiness for improvement and innovation through four frames: cultural, structural, human...

$ 583

per credit hr

Systems Analysis and Design

In this course, students are taught to assume the role of a problem solver to recommend changes and improvements to information systems that can then be carried out by technical specialists. Students examine information...

$ 495

per credit hr

Supervision of Student Teachers

This course is designed to assist the cooperating, on-site teacher working with a student teacher. The emphasis is on communication, orientation, supervision and evaluation skills. The course reviews the preparation and...

Autism and Communication Disorders

This course provides an in-depth understanding of individuals who have the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Characteristics of individuals with ASD are reviewed and discussed in the context of the student's...

Business Data Communications

This course enables students to acquire the technical vocabulary, understanding, and decision-making ability to manage an organization's or company's data communications efficiently. Students also will learn how data...

$ 532

per credit hr

Healthcare Information Management

Managing information is crucial to most organizations, but especially necessary when monitoring a healthcare organization’s success in clinical effectiveness and financial performance. Because the delivery of healthcare is so...

$ 665

per credit hr

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