Concepts of Biology: A Topical Approach

BL 120 A

This course is designed as a foundation biology core course for non-majors. It introduces the students to the study of basic biological principles at all levels from the molecular to the global in a topical approach. The goal of the course is to gain an understanding of biology and its application to humans and society in the context of special topics or themes.

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Course Highlights

  • Undergraduate credit
  • Costs:
    • Start Date: 7/9/2018
    • End Date: 8/19/2018
    • Credits: 3
    • Tuition: $495/Credit
    • Tuition: $1,485.00
    • Course Books
    • Instructor: Nighat Kokan

To Enroll in the Course

Please complete the application. If you just want to take BL 120 A , please identify yourself as non-degree seeking in the application process.