Introduction to Bioethics

PL 102 A

This course invites students to inquire into the nature of body and spirit, health and sickness, and life and death, and to consider carefully the proper moral response to these human realities. Questions entertained in the course will include: When, for purposes of organ donation, can we say that someone is dead? Is it ethical to experiment on animals? Should couples use methods of artificial reproduction to make “designer children”? How do Buddhists view the end of life? As a discipline which addresses profound ethical questions brought about by scientific and medical advances, the course is ideal for those pursuing careers in science and medicine as well as for all who wonder about the deep philosophical questions that are at the root of these contemporary challenges.

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Course Highlights

  • Undergraduate credit
  • Costs:
    • Start Date: 7/9/2018
    • End Date: 8/19/2018
    • Credits: 3
    • Tuition: $495/Credit
    • Tuition: $1,485.00
    • Course Books
    • Instructor: Barbara Freres

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