Introduction to Ethics

PL 101 C BSM 09 0000

This course will introduce students to the philosophical study of morality. Morality is our human concern about the rightness or wrongness of actions which involve the rights of all humans to fair and just treatment. Students will begin by establishing a common or shared understanding of the philosophical terms and distinctions needed for comprehending and deciding ethical issues. This vocabulary will then be used to examine and critique the various philosophical views (more conservative, less conservative, and moderating) about ethical or moral behavior. Not open to students who have taken PL 204.

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Course Highlights

  • Undergraduate credit
  • Costs:
    • Start Date: 11/13/2017
    • End Date: 12/24/2017
    • Credits: 3
    • Tuition: $532/Credit
    • Tuition: $1,596.00
    • Course Books
    • Instructor: Barbara Freres

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