Leading Beyond Organizational Improvement

EDU 575 A MELO AA 0000

For today’s leaders, a working knowledge of complex adaptive systems, systems thinking, adaptive leadership, and understanding the change process are crucial to the attainment of healthy and productive organizations that are capable of both improvement and innovation. As a result, this course will focus on developing a deeper understanding of what it takes to lead for improvement and innovation. Concepts such as: working on the adaptive edge, addressing technical problems and solving adaptive challenges, and understand the components of creating high levels of organizational learning will be addressed in this course. Student knowledge, skills, and dispositions for improvement and innovation will be explored and developed through art processes and products. Students will apply these understandings to issues related to enhancing the achievement of the organizational mission, as well as building organizational capacity and adaptability in their organizations. The key question to be addressed in this course: What overarching strategy will need to be developed and used to ensure that your organization operates from a consistent core purpose, while at the same time responding and adapting to shifts in the external environment? Prerequisite: EDU 573.

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Course Highlights

  • Graduate credit
  • Costs:
    • Start Date: 6/4/2018
    • End Date: 8/5/2018
    • Credits: 4
    • Tuition: $583/Credit
    • Tuition: $2,332.00
    • Course Books
    • Instructor: Anna Greenman

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