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Management and Supervision/Human Service Profession

In this course, students are introduced to basic management theory and functions that supervisors and managers need to succeed. Students examine management functions, the effects of organizational culture, ways to improve...

$ 495

per credit hr

Change Capstone

This course provides the baccalaureate nursing student with the opportunity to demonstrate professional nursing roles through evaluation of evidence-based nursing practice, incorporation of change theory, and application of...

$ 562

per credit hr

Population - Focused Health

This course focuses on health promotion and disease prevention for diverse populations. Environmental health, epidemiology, prevention, and emergency preparedness are examined in the context of populations served within a...

$ 562

per credit hr

Case Study Research

This seminar actively engages participants in knowledge and skill development related to the what, why, who, how, where, and when of case study research. Seminar content specifically addresses applications of case study to...

Functions of Human Resources

This course is a study of the role of the Human Resources (HR) function. It focuses on effective ways to increase HR's influence, meet an organization's HR needs, and improve organizational results.

$ 532

per credit hr

Supporting Individual Student Needs

Teacher candidates will learn about classroom level strategies to support and enhance the learning and behavior of students with disabilities and other learning differences. This will include examination of the current...

Program-based Research

This capstone course is designed for graduate students who wish to earn their 17: Reading Specialist license and need to complete a research component based upon a review of transcripts. In the course, students implement...

Analysis of System Leadership

This course focuses on the analysis and synthesis of professional knowledge about leadership. Participants will submit their Leadership Platform through analyzing their value positions aligning leadership responsibilities...

$ 583

per credit hr

Graduate Success Seminar

This course provides an introduction to the MBA program at Cardinal Stritch University. Students in this graduate success seminar are introduced to the MBA themes of: the global, cross-cultural, and ethical context in...

$ 665

per credit hr

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