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Employee and Labor Relations

This course provides human resources professionals with information on the laws and regulations that affect labor and employee relations, discipline, discharge and grievance/dispute resolution. Students will learn the...

$ 532

per credit hr

Supporting Students in the School Environment

This course will focus on knowledge of school-wide structures and school-wide support for special educators in order to navigate academic and behavioral support systems in schools. Individual support/interventions also will...

Analysis of System Leadership

This course focuses on the analysis and synthesis of professional knowledge about leadership. Participants will submit their Leadership Platform through analyzing their value positions aligning leadership responsibilities...

$ 583

per credit hr

Multicultural Competencies and Social Justice in Student Affairs

This course is designed to acquaint future student affairs professionals with competency skills deemed necessary for the successful practice of student affairs administration in multicultural and diverse higher education...

Systems Analysis and Design

In this course, students are taught to assume the role of a problem solver to recommend changes and improvements to information systems that can then be carried out by technical specialists. Students examine information...

$ 495

per credit hr

Fundamentals of Research Methods in Education

This course is a review of the fundamental principles of research in education and social sciences. The purpose of this course is for graduate students in education to become informed consumers of research. The course will...


This course provides students with a basic introduction to and foundation for the methods of economic thinking and, specifically, microeconomics as applied to individuals and individual organizations within the economy. It...

$ 495

per credit hr

Financial Planning and Control Systems

In this course, students will learn basic accounting and financial techniques that will help them to function more effectively as managers. The course emphasizes analysis and evaluation methods and covers commonly used...

$ 495

per credit hr

Capstone: Strategic Organizational Leadership

In this culminating course, students will have an opportunity to incorporate concepts from the previous Bachelor of Science in Management curriculum into an overall strategy for managing an organization. The course requires...

$ 495

per credit hr

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