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Introduction to Management Information Systems

This introductory course is a study of computer information systems, focusing on concepts and case studies of real-world problems. It provides the tools to use information systems as an end-user manager and to follow the...

$ 532

per credit hr


This course provides a basic foundation in the principles of macroeconomics as applied to the overall economy and its behavior. It leads students to consider how and why the economy is affected by periods of expansion and...

$ 532

per credit hr

Social Media and Society

This is an introductory course to uncover how society uses social media to communicate with each other. The course begins with an examination of communication theory about social media and the tools of social media, and then...

Applied Algebra for Health Sciences

This course is intended to give students the mathematical tools they will need for success in the health sciences. The course stresses formula manipulation and problem solving using algebraic, geometric, and statistical...

$ 562

per credit hr

Special Education Leadership Practicum 2

The content of this course includes critical and research-based examination, discussion, and application of the methods in special education to effectively meet the needs of all learners (i.e. Response to Intervention...

Analysis of System Leadership

This course focuses on the analysis and synthesis of professional knowledge about leadership. Participants will submit their Leadership Platform through analyzing their value positions aligning leadership responsibilities...

$ 583

per credit hr

Modern Civilization, 1815-Present

This is a study of global development in the eras of nationalism, colonialism, totalitarianism and contemporary revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries.

$ 532

per credit hr

Accounting II: Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting involves the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many of the activities of the business entity and to support the management decision-making process. In this course, the...

$ 495

per credit hr

Staffing: Selection and Placement

This course addresses the practice and function of traditional HR areas of recruitment, interviewing, orientation and internal staffing, and the role of human resource management in strategic planning. Also covered are issues...

$ 532

per credit hr

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