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Organizational Social Media

This course examines how organizations use social media to communicate with their various publics. The class will discuss the communication practices of organizations in order to reach both internal and external audiences...

$ 900

per credit hr

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

This course provides theoretical frameworks and strategies used within interpersonal communication to analyze various communication situations. Students learn effective ways both to provide and receive information in ways...

$ 532

per credit hr

Communication for Management and Business

In this course, students will learn how to use communication and information processes as a means for coordinating and controlling organizational activities. Students will learn how to develop and apply appropriate...

$ 532

per credit hr

Principles of Continuous Process Improvement and Quality Management

This course will link the concepts of qualitative and quantitative process tools to reactive and proactive process actions. Included will be an analysis of the use of process tools in a global business environment across...

$ 665

per credit hr

Modern Civilization, 1815-Present

This is a study of global development in the eras of nationalism, colonialism, totalitarianism and contemporary revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries.

$ 532

per credit hr

Holism and Diversity

This course focuses on providing holistic care for diverse and vulnerable populations. The impact of nurses’ personal behaviors, beliefs, values, and biases on the delivery of quality care are examined. Sociocultural...

$ 562

per credit hr

Legal and Financial Leadership in Adaptive Change

This course will include a survey of: the legal areas impacting leaders or organizations; the relationships between leadership and the law in the rapidly-changing 21st century; fiscal management strategies in an environment...

$ 583

per credit hr

Applied Statistics

Basic statistical methods are discussed and practiced in this course. Topics include displaying and describing distributions, measures of center and spread, correlation and linear regression, methods of gathering data through...

$ 532

per credit hr

Technology Based Research and Statistics

This course will help educators to read, understand and evaluate research. They will acquire knowledge of basic research design and guidelines for judging research quality. The course will provide an instruction to basic...

$ 680

per credit hr

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