Our Mission

Embracing Cardinal Stritch University's innovative heritage, the School of Continuing and Online Learning will distinguish itself in the online educational landscape by:

  1. Creating a flexible, learner-centric educational ecosystem that learners value.
  2. Exemplifying Franciscan values in every learner interaction.
  3. Building and extending current best practices to re-imagine and re-invent education in new ways that meet learners' needs while always maintaining a highly rigorous academic experience.
  4. Uniting disparate learner populations by breaking down artificial higher education boundaries of degree/course/status/role through the use of technology.
  5. Building relationships between the expanded community, Cardinal Stritch University, and our learners to support the community, promote Stritch as a highly respected academic institution, and benefit our learners.

We’ve got our mission. What’s your mission?

Still not sure what your mission in life is? Come join us. Our mission is to help you find yours.
Rooted in the values of Catholic Christianity and inspired by the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi and the heritage of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, Cardinal Stritch University is an academic community called to transform individuals to “approve the better things” as they discover their purpose in life. We encourage academic excellence, along with intellectual, spiritual, and social growth among our entire community – faculty, staff, and students of all ages, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds. As part of Cardinal Stritch University, the School of Continuing and Online Learning intentionally brings the values to life in its coursework and in our learner-centered focus. You’ll learn about our values through your program or courses, but more importantly, you’ll experience them.

Creating a Caring Community

  • Respecting each person's dignity
  • Offering hospitality, courtesy, kindness, and friendship
  • Fostering loving relationships

Showing Compassion

  • Serving and caring for the poor and oppressed
  • Working for justice
  • Taking responsible social action
  • Offering unselfish service

Reverencing All of Creation

  • Fostering a simple lifestyle and responsible stewardship
  • Preserving the environment
  • Respecting all creatures

Making Peace

  • Forgiving others
  • Healing and reconciling
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Promoting non-violence

Community. Compassion. Reverence. Peace.

Aren't you looking for something more than just content? Something transformational? Find it here at Cardinal Stritch University. Whatever your personal beliefs, our values will resonate with you. More importantly, you'll experience them when you interact with us.