Akan Royal Arts of Ghana

ANTH 427.15mc

This course examines African culture, history, and archaeology by exploring the Akan Royal Arts of Ghana. Akan arts have been shaped by - and recursively shaped - the historical, cultural, social, political, religious, aesthetic and philosophical values of the Akan peoples past and present. Students will examine Akan arts and artifacts, encounter first-hand experiences of my studies with Akan Royal artists and educators by interpreting the meanings of Akan arts, artifacts, and practices within their own cultural context and within the broader field of anthropology. (photo: Yaw Pare)

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Course Highlights

  • Overview of Ghanaian Ethnic Groups and History
  • Explores the Art of West African Royal Court of the Akan People
  • Analyze Meaning and Symbolism in Art
  • Instructor Linda Kreft has spent decades living with and studying the Akan Royal Arts
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