Creating, Managing and Facilitating Online Discussion


Welcome to our free course on Creating, Managing and Facilitating Discussions. In this course you will learn how to create, manage and facilitate online discussions along with applying various Web 2.0 technologies to seamlessly integrate discussions into your curriculum and instruction.

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Course Highlights

  • Review best practices on how to set expectations for your learners around how they interact during a discussion.
  • Review best practices on how to increase the quality of the posts/replies within the online discussion.
  • Learn to create engaging and interesting online discussions in your course.
  • Receive over 45 examples on how to construct online discussions which utilize active learning.
  • Preplan how you will manage online course discussions by defining your communication procedures.
  • Consider various facilitation strategies to build an online community among the learners.
  • Identify strategies and tools to improve online discussions and share those with other learners in the course.

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