Google Chrome, Calendars and Forms


Welcome to this Google Chrome, Calendars, and Forms course. While many people harness the power of Google as a search engine and email provider, Google offers an excellent cloud-based suite of tools (called apps) for free. This suite of apps are being adopted by many individual and educational institutions to increase productivity and collaboration. In this course you will learn how to use Chrome (Google's OS for Google Apps), help organize and streamline your efficiency with Google Calendar, and collect real-time usable data with Google Forms. Google Apps helps businesses, groups and individuals work more productively. This course will give you a general introduction to Google Apps, and will outline the benefits of "Going Google". This course will be of great interest to business professionals and groups or individuals who wish to make their daily work more productive and impactful. This course covers introductions to what are becoming some of the world's most compelling online productivity tools. This course will cover three of these free Google Apps; Chrome, Calendars, and Forms. This course will provide a hands-on tutorials (videos) on how to use each application to the fullest capabilities

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Course Highlights

  • Harness the power of Google for more than searching the internet.
  • Learn web based applications for personal, educational, and professional applications.
  • Save time, improve work flow, and increase productivity
  •  Costs:
    • Tuition: Free
    • Credits: None
    • Fees: None
    • Total Tuition and Fees: None
    • Textbook/Course Materials: Videos provided in course

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