Google Classroom

This course starts you on a path of learning how to harness the power of Google Classroom. Google Classroom's purpose is to facilitate paperless communication between teachers and students and streamline educational workflow.Classroom allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders, and view work in real-time.
In this course you will learn how to get your Google Classroom started, how to assign work and give feedback to students, and tips on how to leveragae Google Classroom for success. 

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Course Highlights

  • Harness the power of Google for more than searching the internet.
  • Learn web based applications for personal, educational, and professional applications.
  • Save time, improve work flow, and increase productivity
  •  Costs:
    • Tuition: Free
    • Credits: None
    • Fees: None
    • Total Tuition and Fees: None
    • Textbook/Course Materials: Provided in course

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