Prepare for Online Learning


Cardinal Stritch University is a leader in providing cutting-edge degree programs  since 1937 . Today, learners from all backgrounds need flexible ways to earn a degree. At Stritch, we help students achieve personal and career goals by offering certain programs online.

Online learning works so well for so many of our students because it was designed with the working adult in mind.

You may wonder if online learning is the same as the face-to-face experience.

No, because we design for the online learning environment.

What’s the same? The course outcomes are the same, so there’s no loss of content or rigor. The faculty is highly credentialed in both. All of our courses offered face-to-face and online are impactful, meaningful and created to bring you the learning outcomes you seek. Here are some of the differences. In an online course, everyone has a voice and we design the courses to encourage your voice to be heard. Because we design courses to touch your heart and spirit, our instructors report that they know their online students even better than the face-to-face students. Our online courses are transparent in their expectations and your progress. There are no surprises. You know what you need to do and you know where you are every step of the way.

Will you succeed?

At Cardinal Stritch University, we believe that it is our mission to help you find yours. It's a partnership that delivers an exciting outcome. Try a free course today!