Stritch Collaborates with Schlitz Audubon; Free Anthropology Microcourses available.

Posted by David Pacifico at 12/19/2017 2:11:35 PM

December and January are going to be good months here at the School of Continuing and Online Learning. Just this month we've had a couple of free online microcourses launched that are meant to provide you – the public – with the opportunity to explore the field of anthropology. Anthropology is the most holistic of social sciences. It incorporates elements of STEM, humanities, political science, regional studies, etc. It's highly interdisciplinary and is especially suited to helping us understand and act in an increasingly globalized world where the local counts just as much as the international.

Check out those courses at You'll find the anthropology courses under the 'free courses' and the 'community partners' tab. 

Speaking of 'community partners'…. David Pacifico, SCOL Research Coordinator and Schlitz Audubon's Marc White will present preliminary results of historical and archaeological explorations at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. These explorations are part of a community-centered archaeological project aimed to involve the public in all stages of research. The public is encouraged to attend the lecture and discussion on January 20th, 2017 at 2pm at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. In addition, a free and optional online component is available to all people near and far who wish to collaborate. Online collaboration opens January 6th, 2017 and will run through February 20th in order to maximize access and participation in the project. Online registration is free and is not required to attend in person on the 20th.

To participate online visit: and select the red 'community partners' to sign up for the online component. 

Please also come out on January 20th to participate in this ongoing, collaborative archaeological project. The lecture and discussion is free to all students with valid ID, adults paying admission to or members of Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. Schlitz Audubon Nature Center is located at 1111 East Brown Deer Road, Bayside, WI. 

We are very enthused for this, our first collaborative public event with Schlitz Audubon. The School of Continuing and Online Learning (SCOL) has been developing a collaboration with Schlitz Audubon Nature Center since autumn 2017 to explore the long term environmental and social history of southeast Wisconsin. Our institutions' shared missions of public outreach, education, and scholarship make this partnership one of great potential. 

For questions about the lecture and online component, contact David Pacifico: 

For questions about visiting Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, contact Jill Macek: 

Download, print and share: 

Lecture Flier 

Lecture Handout 

Instruction Video for Free, Optional Online Component 


You Can Learn Anything!

Posted by Ed Price at 12/7/2017 3:12:54 PM

“Most people are held back not by their innate ability, but by their mindset. They think intelligence is fixed, but it isn’t. Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows.”

This quote from Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, is telling of the mission at Khan Academy.  “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” Talk about a loty goal for something started in a closet by one guy, using one computer, and Youtube in 2006. Well 11 years later his vision has grown to over 10 million users worldwide and available in over 8 languages. So one might wonder, how can I use this in my classroom, with my students, to help them grow?

We have an answer for that ! The School of Continuing and Online Learning at Cardinal Stritch University is developing a day of professional development for Milwaukee area teachers looking to come learn about the “coaching tools” in Khan Academy and how to use Khan Academy with their students. This spring (stay tuned for the date), we will hold a one day, in person event where participants will become acquainted with Khan Academy, learn how to enroll students, create classes, make assignments, navigate the site, and explore implementation strategies. Participants will also have time to collaborate with other participants and build a professional network of like users.

The support does not end with the day of learning. The School of Continuing and Online Learning will also give participants access to the free Canvas Course which will have support materials and resources for use.

So, stay tuned for an announcement in the first part of 2018 with a date, time, and location!

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